Travel to Tulum

March 2, 2018

Sean and I took off to Mexico for 5 nights in January to celebrate my 30th birthday.  It was our first trip away without our little babe Lily.  It was so refreshing to be on our own schedule, live life just the two of us, and reconnect.  Tulum was a bohemian dream!  A gorgeous white sand beach dotted with boutique hotels all serving up inspired cuisine and thoughtful drinks.  The jungle surrounded the bars, restaurants, and shops on the opposite side of the beach road and extended into each hotel.  We went snorkelling in a Cenote, cruised around Mayan ruins, and walked the beach for hours every day.  I would highly recommend exploring Tulum to anyone looking for a unique destination away from the usual resorts!


It was pretty windy the days that we were there, which was great for the dozens of kitesurfers on the beach but not ideal drone flying conditions.  We haven’t run into many other people with drones yet, but the first calm morning we had, there were several people out flying.  So naturally, we bought matching wing pins and started an elite club!  Tulum was also the perfect place to shoot some more film.  I’m excited to share more about why I have been shooting film, and the benefits of doing so, I will write a post on it soon!


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