Emily and Kevin Dalvay Beach, PEI Engagement Shoot

February 6, 2019

I finally got to meet Emily & Kevin in person while we explored Dalvay by the Sea, in Prince Edward Island National Park.  Emily & Kevin chose Dalvay Beach for their engagement photos, as they love the beautiful light sand and green dune grass.   Dalvay also has special meaning to them as Emily’s parents actually had their first date skating on the pond in front of the historic Dalvay by the Sea Inn – so cute!  Also, wish that was still a thing!

It was definitely not a beach day in the traditional sense, the wind was so cold!  Picture this; Emily in her beautiful dress elegantly blowing in the wind, me in my winter toque wearing a million layers and still cold.  Emily and Kevin were such great sports and truly didn’t let that phase them!  Plus, it was totally a great excuse for Kevin to keep Emily warm, which let’s be real, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to get nice and close with their fiance?!

Of course, their engagement shoot wouldn’t be complete without their beautiful golden, Cru!  I love when couples choose to include their furry family members.  Although, it can be difficult to express to a dog how you’d like to them pose – ha! – my favourite part is just letting them be themselves in the background.  Cru loved being apart of the adventure and running around on the beach, and it was so natural to have them all just enjoy each others company!  Even if he was a little unsure of why Emily and Kevin were paying so much attention to each other and was wondering when he was supposed to get all of their attention again.




Emily and Kevin planned a beautiful wedding at their family cottage in Keppoch and Fox Meadow Golf Course, which will be coming soon!



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