I am most passionate about spending time with my family, travelling locally and globally, running my own business, and most importantly, capturing and creating narratives for love stories and adventures in my own life, and the lives of my clients.

I love capturing honest, and happy moments.  I thrive on constantly improving myself to be a better photographer, and businesswoman to ensure my clients have the most enjoyable experience and product.

My Philosophy

I am passionate about creating high-quality client experiences and adore clients that are just as excited to work with me.  It is so important that I know your story, and you know mine.  Creating a genuine connection between us will result in two things; authentic images of you, and a great, true friendship.

I know that every story is unique; no two couples fall in love the same way, no single family is like another, and every brand is carving their own path. Each is an adventure, and I strive to capture each adventure as authentically, and with as much emotion as possible.  I’d be honoured if you’d entrust your story to me.

The business, Caley Joy Photography, officially launched in the spring of 2017 but grew from a love of photography I have been nurturing for several years. I studied Photography as a Fine Art for four years at Ryerson University where I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I have been photographing with a film camera for 14 years, and love getting to use it alongside my digital. I strive to capture both the perfect moment in time and beautifully set natural poses to show your unique stories and provide authentic memories.

If you are as passionate about the beauty in natural poses, light, and love getting creative,

you have come to the right place, and I think we will be a perfect fit for each other!