Alex & Pascale Darnley Wedding

August 25, 2017

Alex & Pascale were married on the most beautiful day in Darnley!  It was rainy, windy, and part of what made it so beautiful was that they were completely unphased by the weather, and just as excited, happy, and relaxed as they are every day.  I love that a beautiful day doesn’t have to mean sunshine for these two!

Pascale told me a bit about how she and Alex have enjoyed their time together, “The summer we met was spent star gazing, driving through dirt roads, and drinking wine on the beach at sunset.  The summer we got engaged was spent jet skiing, roasting food on the bonfire with friends, and dreaming of opening a restaurant.  It only made sense to be married by the ocean, with family and friends, cozy around tables filled with succulent family-style dinner prepared by Alex’s very own restaurant team!”

A unique part of their wedding was the fact that Alex, groom, and restauranteur, decided to cater his own wedding.

Alex owns and operates OpenEats, a creative dining restaurant in Summerside.  When I asked Alex what it was like for him to plan, organize and cater his own wedding, he said, “It was easy!” And I thought great, I’ll give that advice to any couples planning a wedding!

But he went on to say that when you, “…plan a menu for months, own a restaurant, have a staff of 11, Chef Megan, and have 30k for equipment, plates, glassware etc, you should definitely cater your own wedding.”

So my advice to you, if you are getting married, and don’t own a restaurant or any of the hundreds of plates and glassware, industrial fridges needed, you should probably hire a caterer! Or Alex at Open Eats, because their meal was incredible!

Pascale also added, “The night before the wedding, after a day of decorating our wedding tent, we invited over 50 people to the cottage we rented in Penderosa. We must have eaten at least a 100 lobster!  It was a feast.  At this time, most of our guests had arrived, and it was wonderful to be able to spend this extra time socializing with everyone!  I still cannot believe that Alex insisted on hosting this get together and on gathering all of the food necessary for such a large amount of people with such little notice and so close to our wedding, but I am happy he did because it was a huge success!”

Alex and Pascale are definitely committed to the finer things in life, the act of enjoying food, drink, and good conversation with their friends and family.  They are the ultimate hosts and take great care in making sure their guests feel welcome, that they enjoy themselves, and know how to throw one hell of a party.

Congratulations to Alex and Pascale!  We were honoured to be included in your amazing day!



Venue: The Clark’s Cottage

Flowers: Prestige Floral

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar

Cocktail Hour Music: Allison & Andrea

Band: Adam McGregor and the Foes

Catering: OpenEats

Wedding CoOrdinator: KLF Weddings